Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Our Home: Will of Bright Bazaar + Giveaway!

Hello Tuesday!  Are you enjoying the bright sunny sky? This is the summer we have been waiting for and I sure hope it is here to stay.  In fact, I love the sun and the heat so much that I am planning to take 1/2 day today to stay outside and just live a little!

Speaking about how the bright sun rays cheer me up, this fabulous home of Mr. Bazaar (a.k.a. Will of Bright Bazaar) definitely puts a big smile on my face even when there is a blizzard outside my window. It is filled with radiant hues, playful decor details, and most importantly, it is a home built with love by Mr. Bazaar and his husband Toby.

images via Bright Bazaar, photography by Andrew Boyd
I have been a big fan of Will for a long time.  Bright Bazaar is one of my daily must-reads and I am so happy to have met up with Will last Christmas in Germany for Christmas markets! Will is fun, full of energy, and he is always ready for another dose of bright colour + design inspiration! 

images via Bright Bazaar
Will's living room is full of vibrant colours that people normally shy from injecting in their home (especially all together in one room).  However, Will has pulled the room together beautifully by dressing the walls and most of the furnishings in soft white, adding strong graphic patterns such as the stripped rug and pine tree wall decals in ink black, while reserving race car red, forest green, and canary yellow as decorative accents.  I also love that Will picked a bright yellow sofa to anchor the room and how the drapes echo the accent colors + accentuate the soaring ceiling height.     

images via Bright Bazaar, photography by Andrew Boyd
Will is also the King of Vignettes!  His creations are always artful and filled with an eclectic mix of personal treasures.  Here is the winning formula for a dynamic vignette: captivating prints, sculptural potteries, and a collection of pillows with basket for textile interest. #BRAVO    

images via Bright Bazaar, photography by Andrew Boyd
This home office is absolutely brilliant.  I love the touch of pastel pink as accent and how it pairs sensationally with the light creamy walls and the crisp white floor.  Here is the trick to using pastel pink in your home without making it feeling like a baby girl's room:

  • inject other pastel colours (in this case a soft minty green) to balance the pink
  • pick streamline, tailored furnishing to add a masculine touch (i.e. sofa in this home office)
  • mix in different textures such as the yellow metal chair, the vintage painted stools, and the striped drapery panels

I also love how Will carries the yellow accent from the living room to his office.  In this case, a zesty mustard yellow via the clock, artwork, and floor lamp.  My absolute favourite in this room? The whimsical rug Will hung up as art! #INSPIRED

images via Bright Bazaar, photography by Andrew Boyd
People always say objects are more pleasing to the eyes in odd number.  Here is how Mr. Bazaar assembles his power of three in this vignette: trio of artwork, trio of flowers + objects on the side stand, and trio of pillows and blanket on the sofa.  Pure perfection I would say! 

images via Bright Bazaar, photography by Andrew Boyd
Our last stop of this tour is Mr. Bazaar's bedroom.  You can tell that Will loves a good nautical vibe with the ocean blue coverlet, the sea map + fish motif as pillows, and the striped drapery that reminds me of a classic sailor look.  Bedroom is the most private and personal space in the house, and Will has filled it with personal favourites and treasures he collected on his trips.  

The result is a restful retreat for a loving couple.  #LOVE      

images via Bright Bazaar, photography by Andrew Boyd
So what do you think? I of course am totally inspired by all the colours, patterns, and vignettes.  But what I admire the most is Will's confidence in colours.

Here is your chance to see more of Will's home + 14 others colourful homes!  I am giving away a copy of The Bright Bazaar Book since I love it so much and want to share with you all.  All you need to do is to leave me a comment of what you love the most at Will's home.

One lucky winner will be randomly picked by the computer on 12am, Friday August 1st!  You can also pick up a copy of The Bright Bazaar Book via Indigo, Amazon UK, Amazon USA.     

images via Bright Bazaar
Happy Tuesday friends! xo

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Contemporary Classics w/ Robyn Young

Hello Wednesday!  You know I love neutral rooms with a contemporary yet timeless appeal.  So my heart naturally skipped a beat when I saw this sophisticated yet cozy and inviting home for this young family of three featured in the August Issue of House & Home.  The homeowners worked with designer Robyn Young of Robyn Madeline Interiors to decorate their brand new home tailored to their tastes, lifestyle, furniture & art collection, and of course baby-friendly.      

image via House & Home
This stunning home has a fine balance between old and new: Robyn's winning formula to add a sense of history, character, and charm to this newly built home. The vintage chairs work beautifully with the new dining table from Ikea.  Though new, the turned leg detail echoes the super comfortable dining chairs in natural wood.

The white walls in this home allows Robyn to display the homeowners' art collection gallery style.  LOVE that abstract art above the sideboard.  Brilliant choice for a white sideboard as it virtually disappeared into the wall: functional and fab design trick.   

This living room is pretty special don't you think? Opens to the dining room, the neutral palette continues into this formal yet inviting living room.  I've always loved this bold, graphic floral and what an amazing facelift to a pair of good quality, mid-century modern treasures inherited from the homeowners' grandmother! Blue and green are the accent colours that bring this living room to life, and I certainly can't get enough of that lucite coffee table!!

image via House & Home
This is certainly the kitchen of my dreams.  All soft white cabinets in classic style pairing with sleek brass hardware, mid-century modern pendants over the island + iconic counter stools, a hit of black with the sconces and most importantly, serene marble that runs from counter to ceiling!    

image via House & Home
The family room is right next to the kitchen and it is the perfect place to lounge and relaxed after a long day.  Accented by navy blue, this white canvas is made to showcase the beautifully crafted furniture pieces (hello Eames chair, super sharp sideboard) and the artwork.  My eyes were drawn to the artwork above the sideboard immediately.  How about you? 

The bright coral lamp is an unexpected touch and it sings with  the pink flamingo print at the corner of the room.  #Whimsy!  

image via House & Home
I LOVE this master ensuite!  The gracious freestanding tub, the details on the vanity wall (door profile, full height mirror with wall sconces, the marble counter), the drapery panels with a fun dot & cross motif, and the sensational pendant (I actually have one too!), what is not to love? I also love that the bathroom is more traditional (it almost has a country charm vibe) and how it contrasts the crisp, modern aesthetic on the main floor.

Looking for ways to add big impact in a small space? I am all for this fun wallpaper in the powder room, and again the mix of old & new (i.e. antique mirror with a contemporary vanity).    

image via House & Home
This whimsical yet calming master bedroom features Robyn's signature mix of pattern and furnishings from different eras to create character and charm.  I am crazy about that striped fabric on the armchair and hello bench! 

image via House & Home

Want to take a house tour with Robyn? Check out H&H online!

So what do you think? I am totally inspired and so taking note for my next project! 

Happy Wednesday friends! xo

Monday, July 14, 2014

Weekend Fun ~ 07.13.2014

Hello Monday! How was your weekend? Yours truly has caught a mild stomach bug and wasn't 100% for the last few days.  Nonetheless, I still managed to get a few things wrapped up at #ProjectChris.
  1. vinage faux bamboo stool revitalization with Pop Flower from Kravet and brass nailheads
  2. custom drapes with chic ikat polka dots from Tonic Living
  3. vintage coffee table from Tribute Decor was in and third times a charm (yes I had tried out 3 coffee tables)
  4. DIY barn board island facelift is finally completed (thanks Sarah Richardson and Tommy Smythe for inspirations)    

We've also hung most of the artworks over the weekend, and the living room at #ProjectChris is fully done! Now we just need to get the other rooms all dressed up! 

I decided to take my stomach for a test on Saturday night as Chris and I met up with a couple of friends for dinner at RedHouse.  Absolutely delicious and I am so heading back for another dinner next weekend! 

images re: restaurant, logo, and chefs via Red House
Chris also brought this video to my attention and I actually rather like their performance.  Enjoy!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Sarah Richardson ~ Paper & Cards Collection at Hallmark

Hello Thursday!  Isn't it just fantastically bright outside today with clear blue sky and light summer breeze? This is what summer is all about and I want it all year round.  While the thought of having summer all year round is an impossible dream in Toronto, Sarah Richardson has made it possible for all of us to be happy and cheerful in the middle of a snow storm.  That's right, the fabulously colorful and whimsically delightful Sarah Richardson Collection for Hallmark is here!      

images via Sarah Richardson Design
Sarah has applied her signature design approach to color and pattern to the creation of her paper and cards collection.  From picking the perfect fonts, matte paper stocks, to the gorgeous design graphics and color palettes, Sarah had spent a lot of time tailoring the collection to nothing sort of sensational. 
  • The special occasion note cards are fun, fresh, and as Sarah says "... these colorful cards are intended to make sure the recipent knows exactly how you feel!".  
  • The gift sets incorporated 5 fabric patterns from Sarah's fabric collection with Kravet.  If you are a fan of floral, paisley, and diamond patterns in shades of pastel blue, green, dove grey, you have got to pick up one of the two exquisite gift sets to brighten up your home office.    
  • The note cards with two designs in each set means you will always be ready to send a note to someone special.
  • The gift wrap and gift bags & tissue collection is designed to take the presentation of your gifts to the next level.  With 5 elegant wrapping papers and 8 charming gift bags in 2 sizes to choose from, Sarah has turned gift giving into an experience for all!   
Don't believe me?  Check this out!
images via Sarah Richardson Design
Pictures maybe worth a thousand words, but a beautifully filmed video with Sarah showcasing the collection?  This is a clip you won't want to miss.

Sarah has also sat down with House & Home sharing her inspirations for the collection, how she made sure the collection feels like "her", and her tips on home office decors, go-to wedding, baby shower and birthday gift.  You can read the full interview here

images via House & Home
I am heading to Hallmark today to check out this spectacular collection.  Are you?
images via Sarah Richardson Design

Monday, July 7, 2014

Garden Party ~ Summer 2014

Hello Monday! Did you enjoy the fantastic weather this weekend? I just loved the two days of bright blue sky and warm sunshine.  The forecast did suggest a possibility of rain, but I was so glad it was held off until later in the evening because: Chris and I hosted a fabulous garden party on Sunday!

Chris and I like to hang out at the garden and barbecue on weekends.  After hosting a large party a few years back, I swore I wouldn't go overboard with the decoration again.  Fast forward a few years and I was ready to host for another summer party! Inspired by the beautiful shades of Peony's pink, I decided to go with a soft pastel palette: delicate blush, dove grey, lemon meringue, and beach pebbles.

For an intimate garden party, here are my top three essentials to take it up a notch: 
  • fresh blooms: nothing adds instant charm to the tablescape better than seasonal blooms.  I am so lucky to have Peonies in July!  
  • pattern mix: have a little fun with patterns! I have mixed in checkers, stars, stripes, wood grains, and a refreshing pitcher of orange sangria!
  • personal touch: embrance your crafty side with a personalized tag as napkin ring.  "hello friend" puts a smile on everyone's face at the party!

We also celebrated two recent birthdays last night with this super delicious mandarin orange cake baked by Chris.  Happy Birthday Timothy and Leo!  

So friends, are you ready for your summer party? I would love to hear your top party decoration tips!

Friday, July 4, 2014

Summer Entertainment ~ Garden BBQ

Hello Friday! Are you ready for the weekend? Chris and I are hosting a BBQ at my place this weekend   with a few dear friends.  I love summer and want to spend every minute outdoor, so why not taking advantage of the beautiful weather and enjoy a delicious dinner at the garden?

I hosted a BBQ at my place a few years back with a much larger group and the crazy decorator side of me took over.  Sadly, the actual work itself overpowered the party fun.  Learning from that experience, I am going simple this time.  Here are a few simple decorations I am going for this time: 

images via 1/ 2/ 3
We love cocktails and my heart skipped a beat when I saw this beautiful shot by Brittany of My Daily Randomness.
image via my daily randomness
Mojito, Ruby Red Grapefruit Paloma, and Rootbeer & Bailey's Ice Cream Float, I have to try them all!

image via my daily randomness
As for food, I am thinking juicy cheese burgers (Chris picked up some good ones from the farmer's market), baked potato wedges (probably need to precook in oven first), and perhaps some chicken skewers for my non-beef eating friends! 

images via burgers/ wedges/ skewers
Are you having a BBQ this weekend? What are your favourite drinks and food items? I would love to know!


Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Style at Home Blog: Project Kitchen Refresh ~ Casual Dining

Hello Wednesday! How was your Canada Day long weekend? I am still in recovery mode after spending a few days outdoor soaking up the sun and loving all the fun filled festivities #WorldPride had to offer.  Long weekend is never long enough don't you think?

Anyway, it's time to get back to work and today, I am sharing the casual dining makeover at #ProjectKitchenRefresh on Style at Home Blog.  Here are my inspirations thanks to the talented Stacy Begg!    

image via Style at Home
image via Style at Home
This is the outdated before casual dining area full of potential:

and here is my game plan for the transformation:

images via: chandelier, agate fabric, table, chair, stone bowl, dinnerware 
Check out Style at Home blog to read more on my design concept!